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Let us introduce our partner - Greeneration!

Let us introduce our partner - Greeneration!

Greeneration is a company whose global mission is to solve the problems of providing food for a growing population in the GCC region. Our collegues specialize in the cultivation and distribution of a variety of greens and microgreens using vertical farms, which allows us to produce high-quality and nutrient-rich microgreens, edible flowers and specialty greens all year round.
Greeneration offers a range of high-quality microgreens and edible flowers that are grown using advanced hydroponic technology. They follow the next principles:

  1. No pesticides & insect damage
  2. Clean, crispy & rot-free products
  3. Wide range of extra-fresh products (more than 30 kinds of products and rare flowers for your dishes)

Greeneration’s team is composed of professionals from various fields, including plant product production, vertical farm construction, and distribution of unique and promising ingredients for culinary dishes.
As Greeneration expands into new region, they see it as a challenge and an opportunity to bring their expertise and products.